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"We knew we had a root problem, we had had many blockages over the years so we called 1st Drainage. They came, cut the roots, lined the pipe and we havent had a problem since. "
Mr Lane

Blocked Sinks, Toilets and Baths

If you have a blockage in your sink, toilet or bath and the most common method a plunger doesn’t work, then call our experienced engineers at 1st Drainage-Redditch who deal with this problem day after day. Keeping your drains clear is essential for health and well-being, which is why it can be distressing if you discover that you've got blocked drains. The main problems are Hair, dust and other particles getting stuck in the space between the drainpipe and the pipes. The condition gets worse when products like conditioners, shampoos and detergents accumulate in the already plugged drains.

So if you notice water getting accumulated in your tub or sink etc, you definitely have stopped drainage. We are fully equipped with professional equipment and knowledge to make sure that the blockage is removed and the drain is returned to the right conditions for your property.

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