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"We knew we had a root problem, we had had many blockages over the years so we called 1st Drainage. They came, cut the roots, lined the pipe and we havent had a problem since. "
Mr Lane

Drain / Pipe Relining

It is a simple method of placing a new pipe in an existing damaged pipe without the need for excavation. The new pipe is moulded into the damaged pipe by a method called “inversion” using water or air pressure. We use different types and methods of pipe relining depending on the application and the surrounding environment.

At 1st Drainage-Redditch we can repair it for you, quickly and without fuss by relining it using no-dig technology, to save time and money.

Some benefits of relining a pipe rather than replacing it altogether are:

  • It's cheaper
  • Less inconvenience due to minimal disruption
  • More resistant to leaks and root penetration
  • Strengthens the pipe

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